As a Group, Our brands, provide innovative, reliable and pictch perfect solutions through a portfolio of Health, Financial, Power, Fashion products with the efficiency to offer customers due Satisfaction.

Areas of Specialty

Renewable Energy

Magnum operates in the Renewable Energy sector for over 20 years. Our solutions are reliable and can be easily customized to all kind of industries.

Health Diagnosis

Magnum Group is continuing to build on its extensive experience and rich history as a leader in delivering innovative solutions for healthcare institutions.

Clothing Line

The long-term presence on the fashion industry gave Magnum an opportunity of getting to know each of indicated sectors practically from the ground up.

Bureau De Change

We specialize in the creation and delivery of solutions that cannot be done by standard means and tools, without a great deal of creative work.

Warehousing & Distribution

With over 30 years’ experience and deep expertise across many different sectors and industries, you can count on us for process excellence and compliance.

Building Supplies

Magnum supplies of building material, artificial grass and interlocking floor with total dedication to research, production, marketing and service.


Our Hospitality experience is unique. We create an atmosphere that takes you to a destination of incredible service with luxury amenities filled with urban vibe.


From concept to market: we deliver products known to cure several ailments while tremendously improving the life conditions of affected individuals.