MAGNUM GROUP Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR

MAGNUM GROUP’s corporate governance reflects the company’s commitment to  value and corporate Purpose, including corporate responsibility, human rights, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and global community and social impact.

MAGNUM GROUP CSR... Global Impact on Communities

MAGNUM GROUP has a deep-rooted legacy as committed partners in the communities where employees live and work. MAGNUM GROUP plays to its strengths and prioritizes bringing sport with development to communities around the world.


We implement effecytive communication effort to create awareness needs to be initiated to build focus and momentum towards corporate investing through CSR in sports development. All CSR Funds Allocated To Sports Development is Used To Make A Significant Impact …


Mangnum Group’s CSR in education follows as a natural investment in the future of human development for sustainability of the business ecosystem. Whatever may be the outcome of the debate, it is a reality in today’s world that there are massive educational gaps within and across countries


At MAGNUM, we understand Health is increasingly becoming a focal point of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), largely due to the recognition that a healthy workforce and community are fundamental to the longevity of a business and success of an economy.

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