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To collaborate with our global network and business foundation partners as well as various superior innovatively driven functions to create new values by transcending existing frameworks as a way to help solve social issues…. Read More


As a Group, Our brands, provide innovative, reliable and pictch perfect solutions through a portfolio of Health, Financial, Power, Fashion products with the efficiency to offer customers due Satisfaction.

Magnum Group is a company that engages in Production, Manufacturing and Distribution of goods and services that are essential to the daily activities of clients. Our Core Operations is located in Lagos, Nigeria with most of our distribution channels covering West African countries as well as in China, USA, South Africa, and Canada.

Magnum Group offers comprehensive, proprietary Reusable Power solutions for all sectors of the economy, Fashion Design, Accessories and Clothing Line for every sex, Modern and Innovative Solutions for Health Diagnosis as well as Bereau De Change (Hard-Currency Exchange).

Own solutions account for over a half of Magnum Group total sales revenues and this has put Magnum Group as one of the top consumer product manufacturing vendors in Africa.

Magnum Group specializes in the production and development of solutions that are driven by “client unique needs and desire foir product satisfaction”.
We design, develop and distribute centralized and comprehensive solutions for the all sectors of the economy.

Our portfolio also includes advanced power solutions for corporate organizations, deployment and installation of ultra modern Health diagnostics soltions for both Public and Private Hospitals and Health Facilities as well as BDC systems dedicated to public administration.

Our Company

Collaborating our global network and business foundation as well as various superior functions, we create new values by transcending existing frameworks as a way to help create better Solutions.

Who we Are

Magnum Group is an international Production, Manufacturing and Distribution company with expertise in proprietary Reusable Power solutions for all sectors of the economy…

What we Do

Magnum Group is an international company that aims to meet the world’s growing need for Production, Manufacturing and Distribution solutions in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

Our Values

Here we share a set of core values – honesty, integrity and respect for people – which underpin all the work we do. Guided by sets of Principles, Code of Conduct and Ethics, our employees put in there best to serve every customer.

Our MD's Welcome Note

Magnum Group was formed in the year 2000, although our history can be traced back to the first half of late 90’s. Our headquarter is in Lagos, and our Chief Executive Officer is Magnus Ike. The parent company of the Magnum Group, Magnum Merchandise Limited, is incorporated with the CAC Lagos, Nigeria.

Our strategy is to strengthen our position as a leading Production, Manufacturing and Distribution company by providing access to good and services that are essential to the daily activities of our clients. Safety and social responsibility are also fundamental to our business approach.

we blend heart, science and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity. This aspiration includes positively impacting patients and consumers and all others who use our products, as well as the health of our employees, our communities and the planet.

We seek to provide solutions for some of the world’s most pressing global
public health challenges and work collectively within our walls and externally with partners to advance better health for all. Our sustainability approach is inextricably linked to our vision of a world where a healthy mind, body and environment are within reach for everyone, everywhere.


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Magnum Group … the start of a new era


Business Units

Renewable Energy

Magnum operates in the Renewable Energy sector for over 20 years. Our solutions are reliable and can be easily customized to all kind of industries.

Health Diagnosis

Magnum Group is continuing to build on its extensive experience and rich history as a leader in delivering innovative solutions for healthcare institutions.

Clothing Line

The long-term presence on the fashion industry gave Magnum an opportunity of getting to know each of indicated sectors practically from the ground up.

Bureau De Change

We specialize in the creation and delivery of solutions that cannot be done by standard means and tools, without a great deal of creative work.

Warehousing & Distribution

With over 30 years’ experience and deep expertise across many different sectors and industries, you can count on us for process excellence and compliance.

Building Supplies

Magnum supplies of building material, artificial grass and interlocking floor with total dedication to research, production, marketing and service.


Our Hospitality experience is unique. We create an atmosphere that takes you to a destination of incredible service with luxury amenities filled with urban vibe.


From concept to market: we deliver products known to cure several ailments while tremendously improving the life conditions of affected individuals.